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nftables firewall introduction (Debian 10 Buster)

Do not let tables confuse you!

The first thing everyone should do before connecting to the Internet is to set up a proper firewall. Since Debian 10 (Buster), the iptables framework is replaced by the nftables framework.

To make it easier to get started, here is a short guide on how to get your firewall up and running in no time.

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Securing ssh connections with ed25519 keys

I have a secure password, why isn't it enough?

The problem is not that’s to easy for you to log in, the problem is that everyone else can try it too. If there are no additional mechanisms in place, such as fail2ban, an attacker will have endless time to try to guess your password or even worse the root password.

Step 1: Create a ssh key

First lets start with the key generation for your client

ssh-keygen -a 100 -t ed25519 -f ~/.ssh/example.com_id_ed25519
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