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How to install HedgeDoc

with nginx and nextcloud oAuth login


not part of this tutorial

  • nginx installation
  • mariadb installation
  • nextcloud installation
  • how to exit VIM therefor I use nano in all commands
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nftables firewall introduction (Debian 10 Buster)

Do not let tables confuse you!

The first thing everyone should do before connecting to the Internet is to set up a proper firewall. Since Debian 10 (Buster), the iptables framework is replaced by the nftables framework.

To make it easier to get started, here is a short guide on how to get your firewall up and running in no time.

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50kb is enough!

About nginx caching and static content.

Now that I have found a new blog software it is time to get the web server up and running. First we teach nginx a little bit about compression with gzip.

Step 1: gzip everything

By default gzip is already enabled in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf but the important part of the configuration is commented out.

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