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Sign your Git commit with a PGP key

Use your PGP keys from your Yubikey
Authenticity is a psychological and philosophical concept. According to existential philosophy, the lack of authenticity is a sign of lack of trustworthiness. We should not only be authentic in what we do, but also in what we produce. In early 2021, a software was reported to have malicious code introduced through changes made by well known developers. In this particular case, the changes were noticed in time, but that was rather lucky.
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Windows Server 2019 installation from USB Stick

spinning discs will die.

If you have to install Windows Server 2019 manually, you will come to the point where you ask yourself how you should install a ISO without burning the image to a physical disk and search this damned USB 2.0 External DVD drive which is covered by cobwebs in the cellar?

The Prerequisites are plain simple

  • windows Iso file
  • USB stick (at least 8GB)
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